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No code in worksheet code modules of Test Workbook


If option explicit is not on, then the addin will fail when it searches through the code in the work sheet models of the test workbook. bug is here:
Private Function isTestImplementor(component As Object) As Boolean
Dim theLines As Variant
Dim idx As Long
Dim line As String
With component.CodeModule
    theLines = .lines(1, .CountOfLines)   ' no code = no lines!!!!
End With
Closed Jun 24, 2010 at 5:50 PM by mikewoodhouse
Fixed in 0.1.1 I almost ignored this - anyone using a rigorous approach to VBA development who doesn't already have "Option Explicit" turned on is just plain weird. But we don't want crashes, and if might not be our fault: we might be trying to put a bad legacy app under test. Whatever, having no lines means it can't pass the test we're trying to apply (searching for "Implements...") so we can safely exit at the point we discover there's nothing to search.